Nimbus likes the gift wrapping

Nimbus had fun while we were sorting through all the gifts from the shower tonight. He made himself a bed in all the gift wrapping!

Rachel's room is almost ready...

We've now had two baby showers and we are starting to get a lot of stuff! We spent some time this afternoon organizing Rachel's room and thought we'd post a quick picture.

Adam and Rachel's Pa (Tonya's dad) got the room all painted over Christmas break. We also got all the bedding for Christmas from Adam's parents; so we're almost ready to go.

We still have some decorating to do like picking out some curtains and hanging some things on the walls.

Baby on the way!

For anyone that doesn't know, we're going to have a baby girl at the end of March. Her name is Rachel Abigail McDonald. So we're relaunching our blog yet again. And this time I'm sure we'll keep it updated because we'll have lots of stories and pictures to share.