Happy Halloween

We had a blast celebrating Halloween this year. Rachel was a black cat (of course)! We had a fall festival at church on the Wednesday before Halloween and then went to Nate & Lauren's the actual night of Halloween. It was alot of fun! Here are some of the pics from our adventures...

Rachel and Kate at the church fall festival...

Rachel playing mini golf at the fall festival...or more like, drop the ball in the hole:o)

The pumpkin Papa bought for Rachel. Papa drew the face, then Adam carved it.

Rachel checking out Adam carving the pumpkin. She was more or less "not interested" in the slimy insides he was pulling out.

Making Halloween cookies...yum!

Rachel's "cat" cookie that she decorated.

Digging into her cookie after lunch...she made a mess, but had fun, so I guess that's all that matters!

Rachel with her pumpkins.

Taking a ride on the mower with daddy...one of her favorite things in the world!

Aunt Lalo and baby Kate on Halloween night...