First day home and doing good

Rachel got to come home mid-day friday. It took her a little while to adjust to the new surroundings. We had a prety tiring night but not too bad. It takes her about 45 minutes to feed, and then another 15 to get back to sleep.

Most of Rachel's clothes are too big, even the ones that seemed really tiny before. Some how she keeps pulling her arms out of the sleeves. This outfit was donated by her cousin Laura who also had problems getting her clothes to fit. She's taking naps in a little Moses basket that both her cousins, Cade and Laura, used when they were her size. We think Cade may have outgrown it by now.

Fleece swaddlers

We're not sure about these fleece swaddlers yet. They make pretty good pictures, but seem to swallow her up once she starts to wiggling around.


I think she might have been a little sleepy today. She got a little fussy a few times, but we think she may have just been having a hard time getting to sleep.

Foot prints taken at birth

Rachel's finally feeding

Last night at about 2 am Rachel started feeding really well. Tonya was super excited about it because she hadn't been able to do much before that. But each succesive feeding after that has gone really good.

New baby!!!!!!

Rachel Abigail is finally here! We've all been up since midnight last night, but everyone's doing great. Rachel is just beautiful and seems to be a really good baby. Here's her first official picture.

Martha's famous knit booties

We finally had our last showers this last weekend. That makes 8 in total, which is way too many. But we got a lot of really nice things. I thought I'd post a picture of these hand made booties that Martha made. Aren't they cute! I'm fascinated at how they're made. She had to use some really little needles.

We're getting everything ready!

We got three projects finished this weekend. I cleaned all of the carpets (which I've been meaning to do for a long time), painted an accent wall in the living room (Christy's idea), and got all of Rachel's clothes in order. Well... more or less in order.